Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy's Monster: Review and GIVEAWAY! Handspun yarn from Yospun!

Mommy's Monster: Review and GIVEAWAY! Handspun yarn from Yospun!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well long time no talk, I have been working on a variety of projects. My grandmother got me yarn and patterns to make comfort shawls for the hospice at the hospital she used to work for. I chose to crochet this one and finished up the second skein last night while watching my dose of Sex and the City re-runs. I made a clapotis using the Schaffer Laurel cotton in Billie Holiday, a beautiful combination of blues and purples. Unfortunately I am photo impaired, so no FO pic. I was a pattern tester for a friend of my moms, she wants to do crocheted water bottle holders. She has a combination of ways to do it by selling the completed object with or without the bottle, she uses an odd sized bottle, so I am making notes for her to include in her finished version, maybe even various sizes. It took forever to work on that one, but my daughter was going to the county fair today and I whipped her one (not using that pattern) during her choir practice and while watching top model. I made sure to use a full bottle of water to help lengthen the strap so it would be the correct length on her while wandering about today at the fair. I did remind her that whatever she took she had to carry herself.
I have also been diligently working on the Knit Picks Faroese Peaks shawl using Stained Glass -shimmer, their alpaca silk blend. Over on the LJ knitting group a woman asked for pattern testers for a spider shawl. I purchased some Alpaca Cloud in Stream (as I already have midnight for my Ene shawl) the pattern designer suggested a darker color and I lean towards the darker blue kind of color when black is not an option.
Having completed one clapotis I got a bit hooked. One of the yahoo group women mentioned the Morehouse Merino laceweight and I was hooked. I ordered a 1,000+ yard skein in Indian summer, a lovely red variegated to try my hand at that. So many items on the to do list, so little time. My daughter has happily asked if she can have any bits and pieces of left over yarn. She would love to take them off my hands to do projects with.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Word cloud - I was reading the Diva Knitting blog this morning, and scrolling down reading about her Olympics project, just before that she mentions this really cool site. It is called a word cloud, they take your blog address and then they go through your posts to take frequently used words to put on a t-shirt. The more bold words are the mfuw, I am guessing. and then the others seem to follow. You can go through the list of chosen words and replace them as you see fit. I considered removing some. But decided that was me, and it is what i wrote, so in it stays. I did change a word, just because i thought I didn't use one as much as i really should. e-bay. I buy so many things there. yarn, fiber, needles, learn to spin kit. Yeah. So fun thing to try out. Cheap and easy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

FO - I finished weaving in the ends on my lunch break.

This was my replacement Olympics project. Lets just say I couldn't compete in the 1000m speed track but kicked butt on the 500m. I did the fingerless mittens from knit picks, using the suggested yarn Sock Landscapes in Mesa. I did these up for my friend in Africa so I need to photograph them before I send them off tomorrow during my lunch break. I am glad that ribbing is stretchable/and can shrink back into place. I was worried that the pattern may not be able to fit my big hands, but alas they do. I had picked up another skein in spring prarie for myself and knocked off a couple of rows after I finished the seams of the first pair.

I am eager to get back to my scarf project, but happy to have a small take-along one, something small and easy to do in the car waiting for my daughter during her classes this past weekend. Once you get the pattern repeats down you fly through it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hi, I just joined the Scarf Style knit along. I am so excited. I was able to wind my baby alpapca that i ordered from Knit picks. I chose the midnight color to begin my Ene shawl. It is a beautiful combination of black with hints of blue and turquoise spin through it.

I created this blog spot journal so I could join the knit along to read about other proejcts I am working on or to learn more about me please visit my blog at

Take care, *C*