Monday, February 27, 2006

FO - I finished weaving in the ends on my lunch break.

This was my replacement Olympics project. Lets just say I couldn't compete in the 1000m speed track but kicked butt on the 500m. I did the fingerless mittens from knit picks, using the suggested yarn Sock Landscapes in Mesa. I did these up for my friend in Africa so I need to photograph them before I send them off tomorrow during my lunch break. I am glad that ribbing is stretchable/and can shrink back into place. I was worried that the pattern may not be able to fit my big hands, but alas they do. I had picked up another skein in spring prarie for myself and knocked off a couple of rows after I finished the seams of the first pair.

I am eager to get back to my scarf project, but happy to have a small take-along one, something small and easy to do in the car waiting for my daughter during her classes this past weekend. Once you get the pattern repeats down you fly through it.


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