Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Word cloud - I was reading the Diva Knitting blog this morning, and scrolling down reading about her Olympics project, just before that she mentions this really cool site. It is called a word cloud, they take your blog address and then they go through your posts to take frequently used words to put on a t-shirt. The more bold words are the mfuw, I am guessing. and then the others seem to follow. You can go through the list of chosen words and replace them as you see fit. I considered removing some. But decided that was me, and it is what i wrote, so in it stays. I did change a word, just because i thought I didn't use one as much as i really should. e-bay. I buy so many things there. yarn, fiber, needles, learn to spin kit. Yeah. So fun thing to try out. Cheap and easy.


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